Please Help Me Get Home!

Hi my name is Sue, I live in the UK and I’m trying to get back home to the states by the summer or winter of this year 2012 but I desperately need your help and support. I have no family here and no one to help me. I understand times are tough for everyone and there are people in far worse situations than I am.

I myself have help the needy and have donated all my life to the homeless some whom have they’re pet’s with them in need of attention(very sad and heart breaking) I’ve donated to starving children, to charity, food pantries, clothing and medicine. Whenever there is a disaster I’ve always helped. I try so sign as many petition as I can to stop human abuse and animal cruelty among other causes.

No I am not using this as a plea for help. I sincerely believe in helping others and been told since a little girl it is always better to give than to receive.

I won’t deny that I am desperate need of help and never thought it would come to this.
When I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage I was lost, confused and in a world of pain, I totally disregarded my needs to the point where I saw myself in a very bad situation with my visa.

I am not allowed to work or receive any Government funds of any type but I do freelance and what little money I make pay’s my bills and barely pays for my cat’s medicine he has conjunctivitis and has to take two drops on each eye twice a day every day. I am never able to save. I’m going through an ugly divorce and still paying for lawyer fees.

I have a lawyer to work on my visa she’s good but quite expensive.

My true companion through all this has been my cat I had him since he was 6 weeks old, going on 3 years on Feb 25th 2012 if you have a family pet (s) you will understand that leaving him behind will be heart breaking and I could never be cruel to him. All the TLC (tender love & care) he’s ever received has been only from me he would be lost without me.

I have to get him a passport and all his shots in order to take him with me. Please help me bring my cat home with me.
I have sold most of my belongings, things I have held on for over a decade but I have to sacrifice and sell to raise the funds I have raised a little bit of money but not much.

The only items I would like to keep are a few of my belongings I shipped here to begin with my granny and daughter’s items they are of sentimental value which are quite heavy and costly to ship back home and I cant see myself selling or leaving behind what is left of my granny.

I have to start all over again and it won’t be easy but with God’s help and you lovely people out there maybe this is my chance to start a new beginning. As soon as I am no my feet I will be able to help other’s as I always have.
My calculations came to a total of £10,125 this will cover for everything. Any extra funds left will be a contribution made to charity….

If you can donate £1 and up or even a penny will help I would be so grateful to you always. If you don’t want to or can’t afford it no worries its ok I understand times are tough for everyone.

I’d like to thank you all for reading my long post. Thank you and blessed be to you and your families. Sue x